The Black's

The Black's
Wesley, Sally, Meredith, and Judd

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just getting started.....

My two little bunnies! The Easter Bunny brought them these suckers. :)

I don't really have a whole lot of time to sit and type at the computer anymore. I am constantly chasing around and picking up after "my 3 kids," and that is including Wesley. Ha ha ha! I thought I'd give this a shot, though. It's kind-of a neat way to try and stay in touch with people and to show them pictures.

A couple of weeks ago, our computer crashed. I lost all of my email contacts....all of my pictures...EVERYTHING! So, as soon as I can get everything back up-and-running - I will put TONS of pictures on here.

Meredith is 6 years old and Judd just turned the big 1! They grow up so fast! Wesley and I are both satisfied that we have our girl and our boy and we agree that now our family is complete! :)

Hopefully there will be more posts and pictures to come soon!!!!

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