The Black's

The Black's
Wesley, Sally, Meredith, and Judd

Monday, August 4, 2008


We have enjoyed our summer. We took a vacation to Destin and spent one week at the beach and had a great time. Meredith is our little fish and Judd LOVED the beach! Here are a few pictures.....

Meredith is about to start back to school and will be in the 1st grade this year. She keeps us busy with gymnastics and cheerleading. She has lost 4 of her baby teeth and is quite "snaggled" right now. :)

Judd is in the toddler class at daycare, now, and is our "little tornado." He gets into EVERYTHING! He is quite the "momma's boy," too, and I love it!

Wesley and I are just staying busy with work and running the kids around to various places. We have set up an above-ground pool in our backyard this year and are really enjoying it.

I'll try to blog again and put more pictures on soon. I just don't seem to have much free time around here with TAZ runnin' around all the time. :)